Silvano Tagliagambe

Aesthetics, «Translucidity» and the Strategy of the Gaze

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Action, Strategy, Observer, Model, Gaze Strategy.

According to quantum mechanics observable properties of quantum objects emerge, in a probabilistic way, from the act of measurement. Thus truth is not a mirrror in wich a reality external to us is faithfully reflected: it is a means of orientation in life, of enabling and facilitating action, of taking account of reality and managing it. Becomes central the idea of strategy, based on the role active of observer. Each strategy is based on specific models as tools for measuring and evaluating the world. Description as such is already a choice for a certain model, which entails the representation of reality by means of a symbolic system of concepts, emphasising certain elements and relationships. «To describe» involves the selection of certain differences. Whether something does in fact make a difference depends on the interpretation of an observer. In this sense philosophical work is a work on oneself: on our way of seeing things, on our gaze strategy. The paper focuses on this strategy and analyzes the consequences for the concept of «seeing».

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