Alessia Anzivino

Artification and Territorial Development: A Possible Challenge?

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Artification and sustainability are gaining momentum in the context and the studies of luxury brands and services: the two macro-themes are related to environmental, social, and economic issues. In recent years, moreover, there has also been increasing recognition of the value that art and culture generate for the economy and society. Given this, the aim of the paper is to understand how some of the experiences of artification have increased the cultural vibrancy of certain cities by enhancing local identity, sense of belonging, and individual and collective well-being. This study adopted a qualitative approach based on participatory longitudinal observations, interviews and secondary data analysis. The findings reveal the current link between artification and sustainability when considering the future of luxury brands and also the role that artification projects could have in urban development in the cities in which they have decided to invest.


  • artification
  • sustainability
  • urban development


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