Davide Fiammenghi

Nuclear Proliferation Policies. The Israeli-Iranian Case

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Keywords: Nuclear proliferation; Extended deterrence; Economic sanctions; Iran; Israel.

What has to be done to stop Iran's uranium enrichment program? Basically, Israel has five policy options: 1) do nothing; 2) act within the non proliferation treaty legal framework; 3) promote sanctions against Iran; 4) kill Iranian nuclear scientists in an attempt to sabotage Iran's nuclear program; 5) attack Iran and destroy its nuclear facilities. As I will argue, policy 1 is unsound while policy 2 is ill-equipped to deal with the current crisis. A mix of sanctions, sabotage, and of the threat of attack might prove effective. While going to the brink of war might be necessary to force Iran to give up, one might hope that the crisis eventually ends short of war.

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