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The Italian Journal of Public Policy (Rivista italiana di politiche pubbliche – Ripp) aims at establishing a forum concerned with the study of the dynamics trough which contemporary political systems try to tackle and solve problems having collective relevance. Even though paradigms and concepts developed by political scientists are likely to play an important role in defining the Journal’s concern, its approach cannot be but multidisciplinary. This will help building conditions whereby social scientists dealing with policy analysis from a numerosity of perspectives may converse with practitioners (professionals, politicians and administrators), exchanging experiences and information, and comparing approaches and methods. The Journal aims at publishing articles of a theoretical nature as well as contributions based on empirical research dealing with:

  1. the constitutive elements of public policies (actors, institutions, ideas, networks etc.).

  2. policy processes and the interaction between the political system and society;

  3. the impact of party competition and political institutions on policy programs;

  4. the relationship between the organisational properties of politico-administrative structures and public policies;

  5. comparative analyses and case-studies of specific policies;

  6. the study of European policies and of their interactions with national contexts;

  7. instruments and strategies of regulation;

  8. strategic management of public policy;

  9. theoretical and operational problems of policy change;

  10. methods of public policy research.

Each issue of the Journal will present four-five articles; a critical review of recent literature (theoretical concepts and empirical questions); a note describing and illustrating policy relevant data banks made available by public agencies, private corporations or academic institutions.

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