Federico Toth

Beyond Bismarck and Beveridge: Seven Healthcare Models

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Keywords: Comparative Health Policy; Healthcare Financing; Healthcare Provision; Health Insurance; Welfare State Models; Classification of Healthcare Systems.

The article describes 7 different models for financing and delivering health care: 1) direct market; 2) voluntary private insurance; 3) social health insurance; 4) residual programs; 5) compulsory national health insurance; 6) universal single-payer system; 7) national health service. The seven models are presented and compared with reference to the following dimensions: who pays for and who benefits from the system; the number of insurers, and the public or private nature of the coverage scheme; the contribution method; users' freedom of choice; the arrangements between insurers and providers; the role of the State. The typology is applied to 24 OECD countries.

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Article first page