Stanislaw A. Sroka

The nostrification of a bolognese doctorate at the University of Krakow (1511)

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Keywords: University of Bologna (16th cent.); University of Krakow (16th cent.); Jan Noskowski; Doctoral degree; Nostrification

The author discusses the process of nostrification at the University of Krakow for the doctoral degree of medicine obtained in 1511 by Jan Noskowski in Bologna. The procedure took place at the home of the university’s rector in the presence of the witness Tomasz of Soko³ów, then a student of canon law in Bologna and an eyewitness to Jan Noskowski’s doctoral examination. During the procedure, the witness was asked questions, which he answered while under oath. After the hearing before the rector’s court, a public notary prepared the relevant document and submitted it to the rector. This meant that the procedure for the recognition of the doctoral degree was successfully completed. After the successful nostrification of his doctorate, Noskowski was able to apply for incorporation into the medical faculty of the university following a disputation and the payment of the appropriate fee. In the second part of the article, the author discusses the activities of Noskowski as a doctor and professor of the medical faculty at the University of Krakow. Noskowski wrote personal notes in the margins of a manuscript, thanks to which we know about the most important events in his life. He died in 1542.

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