Renato Fontana

Services, ICT and digital economy. A new collective subject?

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: services, technology, digital economy

Moving from macro to micro aspects, the paper gives some details on the recent evolution of the labour market and the so-called "society of services" and on the digital professions, in order to depict the emerging characteristics not yet deployed in all their potential. The digital professional is a social agent of high profile, young and qualified, leaving behind conflicts and consents of a past era, while introducing the seeds of new cultures and habits. Crucial are the following key-points: i) interpretation of the socio-productive transformations by the means of a structural perspective, using a longitudinal and comparative analysis of researches on the agricultural, industrial and services' sectors; ii) focus on the services' sector, the changing of the structure of the labour market and its polarization process, referring to the co-existence in the same arena of highly qualified professional profiles and the so-called mcjobs; iii) focus on digitalization as a social process able to meet the "Zeitgeist", and in particular on the highest professions of the ICT sector and most relevant professionals of the digital Era.

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