Marco Deodati

The Role of Affection in the Limit Phenomena of Consciousness

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Keywords: Affection, Affectivity, Awakening, Sleep, Unconscious, Vivacity

This paper aims to present a possible path for focusing on the role played by affection within Husserl’s investigations on the phenomenological Grenzprobleme. In this context, two main meanings of affection will be highlighted, since they transversally cross some of the main phenomenological issues analysed in Husserliana XLII and other coeval texts: allure on the ego, that is, the precondition for the egological performance and, therefore, for the start of active genesis; vivacity, that is, the degree of affection of every consciousness experience, which sinks into non-vivacity on the basis of the temporal dynamics of the living present. Through the analysis of these two meanings it is possible to determine the entire life of consciousness as an intertwining of sleep and awakening.

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