Anselmo Aportone

The common subjective conditions of reflexion. Notes on §§ 39-40 of Critique of the power of judgement by I. Kant

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Keywords: Aesthetical Judgment, Kant, Reflection, Schematism, Sensus Communis, Taste.

The paper proposes an interpretation of the §§ 39-40 of Kant's Critique of the Power of Judgment. They occupy a position not explicitly defined with respect to the articulation of the text, but significant from an architectonic point of view. The paper argues that, although the two sections do not belong to the "Deduction of judgments of taste", they integrate it and clarify that the question of the judgments of taste is not only part of the problem of transcendental philosophy about the possibility of synthetic a priori judgments, but its solution completes the exposition of the transcendental principle of the power of judgment and shows the relationships between critique of knowledge and critique of taste.

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