Massimo Dell'Utri

Moral environment, intuitions and truth

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Blackburn; Epistemic Truth; Ethics; Intuitions; Moral Environment; Truth.

In the paper I analyse what Simon Blackburn has called the moral environment, i.e. "the surrounding climate of ideas about how to live". Having singled out the chief aspects of the moral environment, I suggest a way of thinking about our general intuitional capacity, then consider a couple of intuitions regarding the moral domain, give an account of some intuitions regarding truth in general, and finally say something about truth in ethics. My main aim is to argue for the claim according to which, given that some intuitions allow truth-talk in moral matters, they support a cognitivist stance. Part of the aim is to argue for the claim that the notion of ethical truth allowed by our intuitions is epistemic.

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Article first page