Luca Pinzolo

Heidegger's ipseity and Mit-sein in the light of the "transindividual" by Gilbert Simondon

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Keywords: Community; Heidegger; Intersubjectivity; Self; Solitude; Transindividuality.

This paper focuses on ambiguity present in Heidegger's Being and Time regarding the question of being-with-others: on the one hand, the event of a singular and solitary existence, on the other, a plural event involving the "Being-with". In Heidegger the "We" is faced with a dilemma: either to conceive the "We" as a collection of isolated individuals, or conceive of this "We" as a people in a defined historical era. A simple individualistic plan makes it impossible to conceive of any kind of social relationship: loneliness and relationship have to be conceived in a "singular-plural" ontology. This paper is intended to address this problem by approaching Heidegger and the theme of the transindividual developed by G. Simondon.

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