Jörg Zinken, Alan Costall

Diversity and Invariance in Human Social Action: Karl Duncker’s “Situational Meanings” and the Schema of Linguistic Relativism

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Keywords: Conversation Analysis; Invariance; Karl Duncker; Linguistic Relativity; Practice; Relativism.

Linguistic relativists have traditionally asked ‘how language influences thought’, but conversation analysts and anthropological linguists have moved the focus from thought to social action. We argue that ‘social action’ should in this context not become simply a new dependent variable, because the formulation ‘does language influence action’ suggests that social action would already be meaningfully constituted prior to its local (verbal and multi-modal) accomplishment. We draw on work by the gestalt psychologist Karl Duncker to show that close attention to action-in-a-situation helps us ground empirical work on cross-cultural diversity in an appreciation of the invariances that make culture-specific elements of practice meaningful.

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