Rossella Rega, Christian Ruggiero

Images and metaphors of the «beautiful politics». The 2008 electoral defeat in Walter Veltroni's speeches

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Keywords: language analysis, framing and re-framing, light marketing, metaphors, political re-positioning.

An accurate analysis of the television speeches of Walter Veltroni in the 2008 general election campaign reveals he pursued a precise strategy: his attempt to conquer the centre, the moderate electorate, taking for granted the consensus of left and centre-left wing electorate. To his electoral defeat contributed an unsuccessful attempt of re-framing the campaign and the difficulty to elaborate proposals, messages and languages adherent to a progressive political vision. But also Veltroni's inability to use efficiently some political references, the oblivion of left wing politics' «fathers» (Berlinguer and Prodi) and the illusion to take Obama's «myth» with an operation of light marketing.

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