Valeria Venditti

Cri/ti/que/in/with/upon/post/among/between: Postcritique as a variable element of the theoretical discourse that creates links between concepts and practices

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Postcritique; Critique; Affirmative Politics; Becomings; Gilles Deleuze.

This article displays two different theoretical rhythms. The first part discusses the flaws of a critical mood that embraces a dialectic mode in order to criticize previous theories. This leads to a reproduction of some traditional patterns, so that any theory - no matter how critical - remains inside a framework that hampers the cultivation of new theoretical lines. The second part deals with emerging paradigm of postcritique, showing how an alternative approach to old problems (one that does away with traditional academic/theoretical standards, to incorporate different paths to knowledge) might prove useful to offer a new method to tackle, describe and understand the everchanging flux of reality.

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Article first page