Giulio Ciampoltrini

La forza della simmetria. Annotazioni per CIL XI 1525 = AEp 2016, 402a, con una postilla per CIL XI 1735 = AEp 1983, 382 = AEp 1984, 385 = EDR 0790075

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Venuleii Aproniani, Nicaea, Lucca, praetor Etruriae

The discovery in Nicaea of Bithynia of a base with a dedication placed by the Nemesiastai to the proconsul of Asia L. Venuleius Montanus Apronianus Octavius Priscus (138-139 AD), allowed Mustafa Adak to integrate the inscription CIL XI, 1525, found in Lucca in the early sixteenth century and now lost. A limited revision of this integration is proposed in the light of the branch of the manuscript traditiont attesting to a centered distribution of the text

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Article first page