Gian Piero Maragoni

Poets' memory and interpreters' forgetfulness. Cards and notes

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The essay moves from the remark of several omissions (i.e., lack of indications of comparisons, especially Dantesque and Petrarchian or however of famous and crucial parallel passages) in certain recent annotated editions of old classics, and then offer several examples of connection between texts, from a cast phonic-rhythmic to allusion antiphrastic, from re-echoing salacious to consonance unconscious, from stealthy foxy to quote blasphemous. The contribution concludes with some reflections on the risks of a literary study that aspiring to achieve objectives and scientific results, it loses that sense of reading as adventurous passion which can only constitute itself as an inexhaustible source - in its ampleness and duration - of new discoveries and connections.

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Article first page