Brunilda Dashi

Phrasal calques in the Albanian language

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The essay examines the phrasal calques in Albanian language inspired by models of the Italian language. The main sources used in this essay to find numerous neologisms are the monolingual and bilingual dictionaries and the mass media. The partial acceptance of coinages in official lexicons attests that the phenomenon is very active and ongoing. For practical purposes, this type of calque is divided into perfect calques and imperfect calques. The study of phrasal perfect calques is easy due to the proximity of syntactic structures of comparing languages. The repeated interference of Italian language (loan and calque with loan), with results typologically different than the calques induced defaulted loan, typical of structural calques in the strict sense, determined the establishment of a distinct group of calques which allow to find a correct categorical definition. The calques with synonymous replicas belong to the category of perfect.

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