Livio Karrer

Una difficile traslazione. I funerali di Palmiro Togliatti e di Enrico Berlinguer

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  • The essay explores the political culture of the Italian Communist Party through the spotlights offered by the funeral rituals of the two most relevant secretaries: Palmiro Togliatti and Enrico Berlinguer. Comparing these two big events â€
  • the first dated back to August 1964 and the second to June 1984 â€
  • the author analyses the differences occurred during twenty crucial years of both Pci and Italyâ€
  • s history. The point of view of the political funeral allows the author to investigate in a new outlook the cultural aspects of communist own representations
  • images
  • narratives and propagandaâ€
  • s themes as well as the politics and the events related to the partyâ€
  • s leadership. The essay combines historical
  • literary and sociological sources and methods. Authorâ€
  • s aim is to show Pciâ€
  • s difficulties to change its commemorating models in those twenty years. By the reconstruction and the comparison of the funeral events is possible to underline the similarities
  • the anachronisms and the modern aspects not just among the two commemorations but even between Pciâ€
  • s political culture
  • as was expressed in two relevant times of its history. The author points out how the model for the funeral of Enrico Berlinguer owes to the previous one of Togliatti
  • which was largely inspired by the soviet pattern spread throughout the communist world by the late Twenties. In the Eighties the lack of a new
  • non compromised and up to date form of commemoration could be seen as one
  • among the others
  • symptoms that highlights the reluctances had by the Italian communist party to search and offer a new cultural (and political) strategies to the new generation of militants. A model of funeral
  • moreover
  • that could appear closer to the changes developed over those twenty years in the Italian society (especially in terms of secularization). The events around the funeral of Enrico Berlinguer clearly shows how the Pci â€
  • in the last decade of its path â€
  • was strictly bound to its own heritage: to be read in this particular case as a problem of leadershipâ€
  • s mentality too. According to the authorâ€
  • s conclusions
  • thus
  • in 1984 the Pciâ€
  • s long history and past turned in a burden hard to historicize for the whole party


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