Gaetano Franco Esposito, Pietro Spirito

Il ruolo dei servizi e dei processi di outsourcing nelle dinamiche della produttività totale dei fattori: una applicazione al settore della logistica

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This article was prompted by the fact that the dividing lines between production and the services in its support have crumbled, partly as a result of functions that had been intrinsic to the processes being taken away from the factories. One of the reasons of this fact is that some segments of production which once were inside the plant are now externalised. This should lead to revision of the criteria for analysis and evaluation of productivity. And yet we are still locked in an approach of neoclassical cast, in which growth is the effect of improvement in the productivity of the productive factors and of their combinations, to which is then added a "spurious" residue so as to generate Total Factor Productivity. The article seeks to define certain components of the latter with the aim of singling out those elements that contribute most to productivity dynamics today.

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Article first page