Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia
Founded by Camillo Pellizzi



The journal is open to two main types of proposals:
1) Proposals for the different sections: Essays and Research; Maps; Critical Notes; Empirical
Observatory; Reviews; Interviews; Debates. Please refer to the Submission Guidelines for each of these
2) Proposals for monographic sections: proposals should be sent to the editors in the form of a
suitably articulated text accompanied by a bibliography. Monographic sections can either include
an open call for papers or invited articles (to be peer reviewed).
The journal is also open to proposals for the sections "Rereading the Classics" (submission of
unpublished essays in Italian by authors of reference in different sociological fields) and "Lectio
Magistralis" (texts of conferences and lectures of particular relevance for the author and the
subject matter addressed).
Please contact the editorial staff for information on the various publication options foreseen for the
articles accepted by the journal (online first, open access).

Submit your article.

Please, see our Submission Guidelines.


Contact: Federica Alfano ris@mulino.it

Rights and authorizations. Authors having a contribution accepted for publication must fill and sign this letter of authorization. The letter must be returned to the Journal. If the letter is not returned, the contribution may be precluded its being published.
Policies regarding re-use of articles can be found also on Sherpa/Romeo.

Il Mulino adopts and promotes specific guidelines about publishing ethics.