Diritto pubblico
Rivista fondata da Andrea Orsi Battaglini



Editoriali: Orsi Battaglini, Marzuoli, Pinelli

Since 20 years Diritto Pubblico was founded, and 10 years its founder passed away, we have thought it would be worth publishing, for the first time also in English, the editorial which Andrea Orsi Battaglini wrote for its very first issue.

It can be considered a sort of Manifesto of the Journal. In addition we have published the first editorials respectively written by Carlo Marzuoli and Cesare Pinelli, who followed Andrea as editors in chief of Diritto Pubblico.

In late 2015 the Editorial board of Diritto Pubblico, in cooperation with the Department of Legal studies of the University of Florence, will be organising a workshop revolving around the work and legacy of Andrea Orsi Battaglini, whose outcomes will be published in the Journal.