Tendenze nuove
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Founded in 1997 by the Smith Kline Foundation, the publication is addressed to health workers. It aims to be an occasion for drawing comparisons on health politics and economics. Since 2011 Tendenze nuove has become an online journal in order to respond to researchers and professionals's new needs (www.tendenzenuove.mulino.it). The articles present some significant experiences in the field of health care management providing cultural and methodological resources for the analysis and the implementation of specific guidelines in which scientific evidence may meet the need for cost rationalization. The publication reports the findings of high impact epidemiologic research in the field of preventive and community medicine. Tendenze nuove aims to critically analyse the setting of the national public health care system, examining its weaknesses and opening a debate on the possible strategies to improve services efficiency and effectiveness also drawing comparisons with the solutions implemented by other countries. The journal aims to promote up-to-date information on topics that have represented for many years a concrete commitment for the Smith Kline Foundation in the field of vocational education. The online publication combines a well-established tradition with the potentials displayed by the new technologies, presenting innovative services in order to help their knowledge and suggesting new reading possibilities. Besides, the articles are published in four different formats: html format, to be read on the computer screen; pdf format, to be printed, epub and mobi formats, to be downloaded on mobile devices.

Starting from 2014 it is published on www.tendenzenuove.it

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