Aureliana Alberici, Paolo Di Rienzo

Apprendimento permanente e università. La convalida dell'apprendimento non formale e informale

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Adults, University, Lifelong Learning, Non-formal and Informal Learning, Validation

The article introduces a theoretical and methodological reflection, based on empirical research, on the issue of validation of non-formal and informal prior learning acquired by adults re-entering university. The research project is related to the change strategies proposed by the lifelong learning model, in a systemic perspective and shared at European level. The interest in this topic also is due to the increasing number of adults participating in academic studies. The ongoing national and European debate on the reform of education and training, which follows the so-called Bologna Process, is focusing on the development of pathways between the formal educational systems and the non-formal and informal learning contexts, in order to establish procedures for the validation of previously acquired knowledge. The methodology of research, that combined a qualitative and a quantitative approach, has devised a national survey through a questionnaire involving all Italian universities and qualitative guidance methods such as bilan de compétences and biographical laboratory. The experimentation provided tools and organizational procedures for validation of prior experiential learning

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Article first page