Gianluca Nesi

Mircea Eliade e la mitologia nazista del sacrificio ebraico

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The themes and the leading concepts of Mircea Eliade's work come from the ideology of the Iron Guard, the Rumanian pro-nazi organization. Eliade's theory of myth hides an esoteric doctrine developed in aristocratic circles of the extreme right, in which the national-socialist movement originated. According to this doctrine, God has created the world retreating into himself and leaving the man orphan on the earth. The chosen people is connected to the origin of Creation in order to restore the mystic union with God. This rejoinin is realized by the sacrifice of the Hebrews, as they are the chosen people and therefore the nearest to God who has departed. In Eliade's writings of the 30's and 40's - and also in the following work, but in a less evident way - we can catch the destruction of the Modern world and the foundation of the new Reich by the sacrifice of the Hebrews.

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