Fabio Raimondi

L'immaginazione politica di Giordano Bruno

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"Imaginatio", a faculty that connects Heaven and Earth and is not a projection of human desire, plays an important role in the thought of Giordano Bruno, whose political doctrine and activity are seen as making one with his philosophical production by the author of this essay. Taking into account the notion of infinite as "omnia in omnibus", the matter-form and the potential-actual relationship, Bruno's opposition to the Church of Rome as well as to the Reformed one does not seem to lead to anti-Christianity, but rather to the formulation of a "different" Catholicism. This intent makes Bruno's position fairly distant from imperial and proto-modern ones such as from those of the French "politiques" or of the supporters of Elizabeth I. His conception of order as "Kingdom" created by the cooperation of God and men puts him out of Modernity, but not necessary in a previous age.

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