Martina Arioli, Hermann Bulf, Viola Macchi Cassia

Space modulates abstract rule learning from visual sequences in the first year of life

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Keywords: Rule learning, serial order, spatial mapping, infancy, looking times.

Recent evidences show that, preverbal infants’ ability to learn abstract rules from ordered visual sequences (Rule Learning) is influenced by the spatial information. For example, 7-month-old Italian infants can learn ABB/ABA abstract rules from sequences of geometrical shapes when sequences are presented from left to right, while they fail with a right to left presentation. This study is aimed at investigating whether the modulation of spatial information on infants’ learning abilities can be generalized also to an AAB rule, i.e. a rule that can be learned only from 11 months of age when spatial information is not available. Results confirm that infants are able to learn both the ABB/ABA rules and the new AAB rule, and that this ability is present only when sequences are presented from left to right.

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