Luciano Gamberini

Possibilità di miglioramento delle prestazioni umane tramite interventi sugli aspetti ergonomici delle interfacce: il caso dei parchimetri a tecnologia magnetica

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Informations and abstract


The man-machine interaction has been treated by a study of a parkin-gmeter which is currently used in the whole country. The experiment shows the performance of two different 50 persons groups who are required to follow the common used procedures on the payment of a 45 minute stop: the first group operates on a standard parking-meter, while the second one operates on a tecnically identical parking-meter, with the only exception of the control panel and direction for use. Mistakes maked by the subjects during the operations are explained under the light of Reason (1990) and Rasmussen (1980, 82, 83) theories. The results show a strong improvement in the subject's performances and a significant reduction of mistakes likely due to parking-meter interface reconstruction.

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