Marina Nisi, Anna Maria Longoni, Joan G. Snodgrass

Misure italiane per l'accordo sul nome, familiarità ed età di acquisizione, per le 260 figure di Snodgrass e Vanderwart (1980)

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Aim of this article is to collect normative data on some characteristics of the 260 Snodgrass & Vanderwart pictures (Snodgrass & Vanderwart, 1980). The pictures were black outline drawings of familiar objects. Three groups of subjects (120 university students) were asked to: name the figure, estimate the familiarity of the represented object, estimate the age of acquisition of its dominant name Measures based on the three tasks were derived. The intercorrelations among measures were calculated and normative data between American and Italian subjects were compared. Results showed significant differences suggesting that normative data on cognitive stimuli cannot be directly used in another language.

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Article first page