Marta Picchi

Regarding the resolution of the College of Guarantee on the «Maintenance Law of the Regional Legal System 2019» of Tuscany. Relations between regional sources and resolution of antinomies

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Keywords: College of Guarantee, regional statute, regional maintenance law, regional law on the quality of regulation, antinomies between regional sources.

The regional law of Tuscany of 6 July 2020, n. 51 (Maintenance Law of the Regional Legal System 2019), modified the regional electoral discipline in the imminence of electoral procedures, exceeding the purposes for which the instrument of the maintenance law was established by the regional law of 22 October 2008, n. 55, containing Provisions on the Quality of Regulation. This essay analyzes precisely the question of whether the maintenance law can modify the regional law on the quality of regulation that established it: that is, it deals with the so-called relationship between «daughter law» and «mother law», taking into account that, in terms of the quality of regulation, the Tuscan Statute contains a precise commitment and entrusts the legislator with the task of guaranteeing the quality of the Region’s regulatory production.

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