Claudia Mazzeschi, Vega Vallone, Adriana Lis

Una Rassegna sul Bender Gestalt Test: esame della letteratura e considerazioni sulla sua applicazione in età evolutiva

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Bender Gestalt Test is one of the most used psychological tests (Buckley, 1978; Laks, 1979; Lubin e Sands, 1992; Piotrowski, 1995) and it is applicable in many situations and fields. With this review we focused on an evaluation of the works on Bender Gestalt Test starting from its birth until the first months of this year. In particular we focused our attention on the application areas and the various scoring systems adopted for evaluating the performances at the test especially in the field of Developmental Psychology. The application areas have remained stable on personality assessment, visual-motor evaluation and neuro-psychological impairment. During the exam of the literature we have noticed a big development of the scoring systems that makes the comparison between the works really difficult. We also found very important methodological lacknesses on a great number of them.

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Article first page