Rossana Di Maggio, Carla Zappulla, Ugo Pace, Carroll E. Izard

Spelling Errors in text copying and in dictation by children with ADHD symptoms and controls

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Keywords: ADHD; Writing; Copy Task; Dictation.

Spelling errors are usually studied in dictations, but teachers report that children with school difficulties often make spelling mistakes when they copy a text too. The present study examines the performance in a text copying task and a text dictation task of two groups of children known for their difficulties in spelling, i.e. 18 with symptoms of ADHD and 18 matched controls to see whether children with symptoms of ADHD make more copying task errors than controls. Our results show that children with symptoms of ADHD may make more errors than controls in both writing tasks, and they especially make phonological errors and mistakes relating to accents and duplicates.

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Article first page