Giuliana Gregorio

Language of Philosophy and Language of Poetry. Gadamer and Hermeneutics as Execution-Enactment of the Poetic Word

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Keywords: Gadamer, Hermeneutics, Language, Philosophy, Poetry

This paper aims at discussing the question of the «puzzling» relationship between thinking and poetry (i.e., between their respective languages and their respective truth claims), such as it emerges in Gadamer’s later production. If, in fact, the poetic word and the philosophical speech are both characterised by the distance from the ordinary language and from the current conception of truth, nevertheless poetry, with its peculiar form of presentiality, appears to be a «text» in an eminent sense, whereas the language of concept is marked by an essential self-overcoming. The puzzle is, as it were, redoubled for what concerns the question of the interpretation of the poetic work, which, according to Gadamer, «is» («stands») properly only in its Vollzug, namely in its hermeneutical execution-enactment

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Article first page