Filippo Fimiani

If This is White Noise. Language, Memory, Testimony

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Keywords: Primo Levi; Paul Celan; Testimony; Lagersprache; White Noise.

The experience, the memory and the testimony of the concentration and extermination camps, face up to an inarticulate and indefinable deafening and roaring sound: the mixed pseudo-verbal mess of the screamed, violent barbarous commands of the executioners blurred with the patois murmur, with the mumble vociferous and the starving schmooze of the victims without food, reduced to simple biological mechanism. The «Lagersprache» is analogue to the «white noise» described by Claude Shannon and Warren Weawer the same years of “If this is a Man and of LTI – Lingua Tertii Imperiiµ by Victor Klemper. If is this fuzzy buzz, the witness’s memoir, especially of Primo Levi and Paul Celan, is it still a message? What is its medium? And its content? Is it literal, informational and instrumental? Or literary, citational and metaphorical? If the survived word is an unsound noise, is despite everything faithful and true? Or is necessarily flawed and defective?

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