Riccardo Roni

Nietzsche in prospettiva interculturale: dalla decostruzione delle identità alle grandi ragioni degli «spiriti liberi»

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Nietzsche, Muhammad Iqbal, Interculturality, History, Free Spirits.

This article, through a direct comparison with Nietzsche’s texts, retraces important moments of his reflection from an intercultural perspective, starting from the reception of his thought in Iqb Ɨ l’s metaphysics. On this basis, while what is most evident at first is Nietzsche’s attempt to deconstruct identities, through his recognition of the “great reasonsµ of “free spiritsµ within a “supraculturalµ perspective, he may be seen to reopen the dialogue with the Islamic tradition in order to define new values for a new model of co-existence.

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Article first page