Pietro Montani

Sensibilità, immaginazione e linguaggio. Processi di interiorizzazione e cultura digitale

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In his celebrated essay on Orality and Literacy, W. J. Ong argues that three centuries after the invention of the Greek alphabet - that is, the most advanced form of phonetic writing - the process of internalization of writing had yet to be completely achieved, as attested by Plato's famous condemnation of the practice. Quite correctly, Ong underlines the importance of internalization for our technological empowerment. However, he does not explain how the processes take place. Russian psychologist L. S. Vygotsky tackled this issue with still unsurpassed clarity. He refers to articulated language, which he conceives as a form of technological empowerment. On this basis, I shall try to outline a picture of the most significant and distinctive features of the internalization of the digital culture, focusing in particular on the necessarily creative elements which generally characterize every genuine form of technical empowerment.

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