Andrea Carroccio

The Method of Rückfrage in the Grenzprobleme der Phänomenologie

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Keywords: Regressive Inquiry, Genetic Phenomenology, Grenzprobleme der Phänomenologie, Husserl, Transcendental Phenomenology, Passive Genesis.

This article looks at the method of Rückfrage in the work of Husserl. It offers an overview of the development of genetic phenomenology and a reconstruction of the occurrences of the term in the texts of volume XLII of the Husserliana entitled Grenzprobleme der Phänomenologie. In these texts, the Rückfrage is presented as a specific question with a twofold meaning: on the one hand, a regressive inquiry that works backwards from a naïve content to the original level of constitution; on the other hand, Rückfrage signifies a second-degree question, characterised by the aspect of repetition.

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Article first page