Sabrina Tranquilli

The new citoyen europeen in the era of the data governance act



The article gives an initial reading of the recent European Regulation 2022/868 on European data governance (Data governance act), highlighting its potential for public administration. The Dga introduces, in fact, some provisions with a highly innovative impact and which introduce into the national legal system tools aimed at implementing the external (in particular between the European Commission and the member States) and internal (between national administrations) organizational relations concerning the so-called «re-use» of data held by public authorities. Moreover, the Regulation acknowledges the global drive urging the active (so-called «data activism») and conscious participation of citizens in the improvement of public services by making their own data available, voluntarily and free of charge, to public and private entities (an activity called «data altruism» by the Regulation itself). After an overview of the new regulation, the contribution deals with some issues that will have to be considered by the Italian legislator and the public administration when putting the new provisions into practice.


  • Personal Data
  • Public Administration
  • Reuse
  • Data Governance Act
  • Public Data


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