Duccio Demetrio

Dall'Olivetti lettera 32 al mio personal. Tra nostalgie, renitenze e stupori

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Memories; Hostility; Grafobigamia.

The author, in a personal and sometimes ironic way, speaks about the experience concerning the passage from the use of typewriter to the use of personal computer. From the strong hostility of the beginning, revealed vain, to the attempt to manage a transition in a regime of "grafobigamia", clearly unmanageable, until to the final conquest by of the potentiality of PC, the author, revealing homesick, reluctances and amazements, speaks about changes that have accompanied this passage, from the loss of tactile concreteness of writing to the different affective and also humane relationship with ours laptops.

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Article first page