Quaderni storici

Rivista quadrimestrale

Table of Contents number 2, 2016, August

  • ISBN: 978-88-15-26287-5
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  • Vol.: LI
    • Intersezioni: incontri tra storia e paleografia (a cura di Simone Maria Collavini e Antonino Mastruzzo)

    • Paolo Tomei
    • Monastic policy of the last Ottonian age, from Cassino to Tuscany: political plans, ideas in motion

    • pp. 355-382, DOI: 10.1408/85125
    • Lorenzo Tabarrini
    • Works and Days. A List of Rents and Labour-Services from the Abbey of S. Michele in Passignano (Last Quarter of the 12th Century) between Palaeography and History

    • pp. 383-412, DOI: 10.1408/85126
    • Isabella Lazzarini
    • Letters, registers, drafts. The practice of diplomatic writing in late medieval Italy at the crossroads of history and paleography

    • pp. 449-470, DOI: 10.1408/85128
    • Ricerche

    • Angela Groppi
    • Economic competition and religious belief. Catholic merchants against Calvinist and Lutheran rivals in papal Rome (17th-18th centuries)

    • pp. 471-502, DOI: 10.1408/85129