Lingue Letterature Culture

About this journal


The journal publishes scientific-literary, philological and linguistic studies from national and international university sites. Great importance is given to the analysis of literary and non literary texts and documents, not only in relation to their tradition but also in a comparative perspective, with great care of the international background, intercultural relationships, thematic critics and migrant literatures.


Editor Laura Auteri (Palermo) Editor in chief Guido Valdini Scientific board Ignacio Arellano (Navarra), Laura Auteri (Palermo), Annamaria Bartolotta (Palermo), Nicolas Bonnet (Bourgogne), Maurizio Calbi (Palermo), Stephen Greenblatt (Boston), Thomas Krefeld (München), Franco Marenco (Torino), Micaela Rossi (Genova), Biancamaria Scarcia Amoretti (Roma), Andreas Willi (Oxford), Jianhua Zhu (Shanghai) Editorial office Laura Restuccia, Natascia Barrale.