Davide Sparti

Declinazioni della presenza in Goffman

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Informations and abstract


This paper, inspired by and devoted to the analyses of Erving Goffman's work, is basically an account of the concept of presence as the result of co-presence among human beings. Although both phenomenologicaly and etologicaly human presence is connected to embodiment, our presence becomes effective only when we present ourselves to others within a socially sanctioned scheme, as proved by the circumstance that when our presence as human and social beings is not ritualy honoured (as in total institutions), it literally disvanishes. Hence the need to study of the modes of re-presentation which enable us to be recognized as (appropriately) present. The main hypothesis is that in all face to face encounters agents emit signs or "identity goods" which can be used by the receiver as a symbolic and emotional resources to confirm or recompense his or her presence. The paper ends by shortly analysing on-line presence, a case of interaction without physical proximity and without the mediation of the body.

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