Roberto Biorcio

The three reasons for the success of the «MoVimento 5 Stelle»

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Keywords: Movimento 5 Stelle, populism, e-politics, leadership, direct democracy.

The article analyzes the reasons for success of the MoVimento 5 Stelle (M5S) and highlights the main features that characterize it as an original political subject and difficult to reproduce. The movement founded by Beppe Grillo was successful because it was able to combine at least three components which are usually managed by different entities. The first is the assumption of the role of political entrepreneur by a very popular comedian. The second is the construction of a movement starting from the web. The third is the collection and management of the protest against the political parties and the government proposing a new type of representation of citizens in democratic institutions. The M5S has been proposed as an alternative compared to traditional parties, but paradoxically had to replicate in new forms many of the functions carried out badly by the political parties.

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