Giuseppe Balirano, Antonio Fruttaldo

The Representation of Camorra Ladies in AVT: Gomorrah – The Series and the Negotiation of Interpersonal Meanings across Cultures

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Keywords: AVT, Multimodality, Corpus Linguistics, Gomorrah – The Series, gender stereotypes in translation.

On the basis of Adler’s (1975) concept of the ‘dark side of emancipation’ of women, the following study reflects on the ideological implications that the shifts of interpersonal meanings in translation may bear on the construction of televised ‘Camorra ladies’. Specific attention will be paid to the gender-related discourses of the source Neapolitan culture, and the way they are deliberately and often misleadingly re-crafted and re-stereotyped in AVT according to the target audience’s pre-supposed cognitive models. The research uses data from the Gomorrah Project Corpus (GPC) comprising the Italian and English subtitles of the first 3 seasons of Gomorrah – The Series. The corpus, which is part of a larger research project, has been annotated to allow the identification of given linguistic traits that are peculiar to the female characters’ idiolects in both the Italian subtitles and their English adaptation. Therefore, the analysis of such data will allow for a better understanding of the cultural repercussions in the translation of specific identity cues that are particularly related to the local criminal context represented in the TV series.

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